1. Heeeeere we go. Poster for film.

  2. Soooo because my panther is still under construction, here are some quick render tests! I got the chance to finally texture the set and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m still not sure what sort of final ‘look’ I want to achieve for it, but I dunno, I shall explore my options as the days progress. Time is running out, and there’s no time to rest! 

    Temporary sunset in the background belongs to Shaun Butcher.


  3. Block WIP. 

    I feel frustrated and hopeless at this point. I spent my break re-positioning the joints on the panther and painting the weights over at least three times and in turn, got nothing I planned to do, done. That, and scrambling to educate myself on how to animate a quadruped in the midst of actually making an animation out of it is also a joyful experience not to be soon forgotten. I’m just whining though. I can hear the “I told you so’s”, but I don’t care. As excruciating as this experience is, I’m putting my official Quebecois dollars down that it will be gratifying in the end. But wait…that metaphor could mean that I’m betting no value in the experience. Oh ho ho ho, political jokes. I’m going to bed. 

  4. I’m restarting the panther rig because some joint placements looked pretty wonky and just can’t be avoided nor ignored. Fixing some skinning on Osiris and Isis, too. The joy just never ends. 

  5. Look! I attempted a jump! This is the first time I’ve played seriously with this rig and in all honesty, I’m scared. People weren’t kidding when they said animating quadrupeds was a difficult task. And the skinning on the model is apparently making my life pretty hard as well. Anyway, there’s quite a few things wrong with this jump, I’m sure….but it’s a decent start.  

  6. New layout. A few fix-ups still left to do before diving into blocking mode!

  7. Still working on the set. This is nothing special, but I’m digging the silhouettes here.

  8. Here is my layout so far.

    I wish I had started this earlier just so that I would have been able to receive critiques from my teachers.

    Alas, I stalled a lot considering how I’ve been haphazardly approaching building my environment (which is still in progress, as you can tell!). I was just unsure of the placement of things, scale, style (insert ongoing excuses).

    The camera work still needs a lot of polishing. Its importance is definitely turning it into a fourth character. The models, I’ve learned still have major issues, and really need to be addressed before I move on.

    Anyway, progress is progress. I will continue to fix this up and finally figure out a game plan for the near future.