1. It is loosely based on the legend of Isis and Osiris from Egyptian mythology. Isis, goddess of fertility is renowned for the way she stood by Osiris’ side. In this tale, she travels to great lengths to restore the last remaining orb that will bring her deceased husband back to life.

    I did not get the chance to properly credit everybody so here is the full list:

    A huge thank you to Apollo Sunshine for allowing me to be inspired by their beautiful song, “We are born when we Die”. ->cargocollective.com/ApolloSunshine

    Male Base mesh provided from Ztools in Zbrush

    Female Base mesh by Eugene Fokin -> badking.com.au/site/shop/organic-models/female-base-meshby-eugene-fokin/

    Both rigs- Advanced Skeleton -> animationstudios.com.au/

    Sash and hair controllers by Anthony Corrente


    Modeling and Rigging by Sam Couture



    Pegypta by CybaPee -> http://www.dafont.com/cybapee.d84


    A HUGE thank you the Dawson faculty for providing us with endless hours of mentoring, patience, and advice. This couldn’t have been possible without any of the people mentioned above. I am grateful for the education, experience, memories and support from these past 3 years and I have never been more ready to enter the professional world to continue this exciting and never-ending learning curve.

  2. Here are some of my favorite renders. 


  3. The Final Countdown

    Here we gooooo. The showcase/vernissage is exactly in one week. Everything is actually coming together pretty well now. But that’s easy when you’ve lowered your standards. I don’t mean that in a bad way; sometimes you have to disengage from your big dreams and approach them from a more realistic stand point.

    I revisited my old posts and looked at my first animatic and the sketches of the environment I initially had in mind and I realized that I was a dreamer without a practical mindset. This experience certainly has changed that. I’m amazed that once not too long ago, I was at a complete loss with how to approach a lot of things regarding the assets (it’s hard to model without a plan in mind, don’t do it, kids) but through some help of all the talented people around me, one-by-one, each problem got solved and the work unravelled itself into what you will soon see. I had to drop a lot of things I had in mind in the beginning (such as fluid coming down the city and having it come to life, lots of quadruped animation, lots of broken ruins in the environment) and SIMPLIFY everything. I’m glad I was able to do that and strip it down to its barest bones without compromising the main core of the story which is the timeless love between Isis and Osiris.

    As for polishing the film, I’m not sure I got that far. Now of course, I had some major set backs with the panther and practically had to restart my animation from a new model sometime during mid-march. I’m not using that as an excuse but I will let you know how DAUNTING that felt at the time. To top it off, I could only work from Maya 2014 which had to be specially installed onto one computer in class.To say the least, I was ready to give up. That weekend, I decided to step away from that and not think about it for a bit and do the textures on my set instead. Seeing that come together, gave me hope that perhaps I can do this.

    The new panther model was way cool. My animating skills improved and it took me half the time to block everything once again. I wasn’t happy about it, but it had to be done! Everyday, I learned something new about the movements of a quadruped. Everyday, I’ve messed something up and everyday, I’ve managed to fix it to the best of my knowledge and improve. So yes, my film is not as polished as I would have hoped in the beginning of the year, when I had those big dreams and little experience. The rough is maybe not even that great. But today, I can trust in myself enough to say that I have done my best and I accept that it is not the vision I initially had in mind once upon a time in September, but damn it, I am so close. I think I’ve learned in this past semester alone more than any of my previous years put together now that we got to apply our skills together to make a film. I’ve learned effective teamwork. I’ve discovered perseverance and diligence in me I didn’t know I had. Maybe that’s the most important lesson, in the end!

    Sorry this was long! I has much 2 $@y.

  4. Alriiiiiiiiiiiiiight,the panther is complete. I did not stick with my original design because I felt like I should relate it a bit more to the other humanoid characters with those tron-like lines. However, I can’t decide if it’s too distracting. Anyway. A huge thank you to Sam Couture (http://mascreatives.tumblr.com/) for once again coming to the rescue to fix the modeling, re-rigging on top of the previous temporary rig and painstakingly skinning it. Now I can focus on nothing but the animation.

  5. Rough-polish hybrid.

  6. Heeeeere we go. Poster for film.

  7. Soooo because my panther is still under construction, here are some quick render tests! I got the chance to finally texture the set and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m still not sure what sort of final ‘look’ I want to achieve for it, but I dunno, I shall explore my options as the days progress. Time is running out, and there’s no time to rest! 

    Temporary sunset in the background belongs to Shaun Butcher.


  8. Block WIP. 

    I feel frustrated and hopeless at this point. I spent my break re-positioning the joints on the panther and painting the weights over at least three times and in turn, got nothing I planned to do, done. That, and scrambling to educate myself on how to animate a quadruped in the midst of actually making an animation out of it is also a joyful experience not to be soon forgotten. I’m just whining though. I can hear the “I told you so’s”, but I don’t care. As excruciating as this experience is, I’m putting my official Quebecois dollars down that it will be gratifying in the end. But wait…that metaphor could mean that I’m betting no value in the experience. Oh ho ho ho, political jokes. I’m going to bed.